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Blood-Spot Test Instructions

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  • If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam/junk folders.
  • Your account/order information can also be found in the ‘My Account’ area.
  • Tests are sent via royal mail. The kit may take 5 working days to arrive.


Prepare to take your sample

Open your sample collection kit and read the instructions fully. Start your sample preparation.

  • Open the blood spot card. Fold the paper back to reveal the collection paper. Do not touch the sample area.
  • Hold your hand under warm water for at least one minute to stimulate blood circulation then carefully dry your hand with a towel.
  • Stand up and swing your arm around in a circular motion 8-10 times. Extend your arm as fully as possible as this helps to stimulate blood circulation. Continue standing until you have finished taking your sample.
  • Remove the disinfectant cloth from its film and disinfect the entire tip of your index or middle finger. Then wait approximately around 15 seconds for the finger to dry.
  • Hold the lancet horizontally and rotate the yellow protective cover in one full turn carefully removing it. NOTE: Do not use a defective lancet with a loose or protective cover.


  • Drink plenty of water before you take your sample. Being well-hydrated allows your blood to flow onto the spot card easier.
  • Please do not attempt to take a sample if you have taken part in any strenuous activity or exercise beforehand.
  • Having a hot shower before may help you collect the required blood sample.
  • It is recommended that you complete your test in a warm room.


Take your sample

Take a viable sample for our labs by following the instructions below.

  • Place your hand on a stable and flat surface. Hold the lancet diagonally against the tip of your finger. Press firmly with your thumb on the yellow button (this can only be pressed once).
  • Keep your hand horizontal at hip height and from there, massage your finger from the palm of the hand to the fingertip until blood droplets form.
  • Hold the base of the collection card to prevent it from moving. Allow the blood to drip onto each of the circles till each one is filled fully.
  • Once all of the circles are filled, slightly bend the collection card away from the cover and allow air to flow beneath the blood spot collection card. Leave on a flat surface to dry.
  • Once you have collected your blood sample, press the swab firmly against the location of the bleeding to stem the blood flow.
  • When the bleeding begins to slow down, apply the plaster in your kit to the puncture.
  • Once the sample is dry, fold the cover over the sample and tuck in the bottom flap.


  • Ensure you do not touch the sample area.
  • Allow 5-10 minutes for your sample to dry.


Send your sample to our lab

Send your sample to our labs for testing is easy.

  • Please also fill in your submission form with your name and email details. Ensure your order information is included.
  • Place your completed, dried blood spot collection card into the enclosed return envelope with your filled out blood submission card.
  • Then close the envelope carefully and immediately post it back to our lab.


  • You will receive a ‘sample received’ email from our labs when it arrives.
  • Check your junk/spam inboxes for further updates.


The testing process

On receipt of your sample we will notify you and your sample will be passed to our labs.

  • Your information will be matched to your order.
  • Your submission information will be input.
  • Your sample will be tested and linked to your account.
  • Your results will be forwarded to you within 7 working days.


  • The testing process takes 7 working days, but is often faster.
  • Check your junk/spam inboxes for further updates and your results email.

  • Please store this kit out of reach of children
  • This kit is for people aged over 5 years old. Anyone under 16 years old taking the test should be supervised by an adult
  • If you are pregnant or are breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before using this kit
  • If you suffer from a congenital or acquired blood-clotting disorder, or you are taking anticoagulant medication, please consult your doctor before you use this kit
  • The lancets that are included in the box are exclusively for your own use


Do not use this kit if you suffer from a blood-borne contagious illness such as hepatitis or HIV.

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