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The World Asthma Organisation estimates that asthma alone is responsible for 250,000 deaths a year. That is one single allergy and, with many more allergens known to exist, this is just a drop in the ocean of risk associated with an undiagnosed allergy. Allergy testing is helping to keep this number down. Without identifying your allergies, you expose yourself to an increased risk of early death as well as several other symptoms which can make your life a misery.

With some reports suggesting as many as 250 million people living worldwide with a food allergy, it is essential to consider allergy testing to help you identify your allergy. Here are some ways in which allergy testing will change your life for the better.


Quality sleep has been described as the best legal enhancement you have access to, and this is no overstatement. Quality sleep has been linked with improved longevity, decreased risk of conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, improved mental clarity and other critical health markers. There are several factors which affect sleep, one of which is an unidentified allergy. Symptoms of an allergy include inflamed nasal passages which disrupts your brains oxygen flow. This means your brain is not getting the restorative sleep it needs to allow you to perform the next day. Allergy testing will help you identify any allergens which are impacting your sleep so you can take the precautions necessary.

allergy testing athletic

Athletic Performance

Staying healthy, unfortunately in the eyes of some, involves regular physical activity. The fact that, for many people, exercise is a necessity as opposed to something they enjoy, any reason to skip it is taken quite readily. So if running, swimming, cycling or any physical exertion leaves you struggling for breath, you’re probably going to give up. Unfortunately, an allergy can leave you short of breath after the shortest period of exercise. Allergy testing can help you identify your triggers, and you can speak to your GP about a solution.


A side effect which can easily be misconstrued as one of any number of different conditions, stomach pain, nausea, digestive discomfort and vomiting are incredibly common in allergic reactions. When eating out with friends frequently leads to stomach problems, it can be disheartening and lead to you missing out on opportunities to socialise. If you identify your trigger food with allergy testing, you can make the food choices that agree with your body.


The most extreme result of being exposed to an allergen is death. Anaphylaxis causes a restriction of the airways, which can lead to suffocation and death if not treated immediately. The chance of anaphylaxis should be enough for anyone to consider allergy testing. We have a range of tests suited to all budgets. Guard yourself against the above risks and many more by getting your test today.