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Have you been accepting nuisance symptoms as simply part and parcel of life that you have to put up with? With an intolerance test, you can identify the substances that are holding you back from achieving your goals or even just being able to live a normal life. Here we look at some common symptoms of food intolerance and the effects they can have.


bloated stomach

Bloating is a bi-product of gut irritation which can be caused by consumption of foods to which you have an unidentified intolerance. As the food causes inflammation in the digestive tract, it takes longer to pass through your system meaning that the enzymes breaking the food down have more time to produce gas which remains in the stomach causing it to bloat. This can make physical activities difficult and have a significant negative impact on self-esteem. An intolerance test will help you identify your unique trigger foods so that you can perform an elimination diet and give your digestive system a chance to recover.


fatigue intolerance test


Though the mechanism’s aren’t fully understood, there are strong links between food intolerance and fatigue. One train of thought is that the inflammation of airways caused by consuming foods you’re intolerant to could lead to restricted oxygen intake during sleep meaning your body cannot fully recover. By identifying your personal intolerances, you give your body a chance to reduce this inflammation leading to a proper nights sleep.


When you consume a food to which you’re intolerant, your body will look to get that food out of your system as quickly as possible. Your brain receives notification of the irritation occurring. It sends the signal to your digestive system that it needs to draw water into the bowels to help speed up the digestive process. The faecal matter is mixed with water which results in the production of diarrhoea. When your body produces diarrhoea, it draws the water it needs from cells which can lead to dehydration. When your cells don’t have the water they need, they can no longer perform optimally, which can cause significant adverse side effects.


Ever tried to function with a headache? How much more difficult are the simplest of tasks? When you have a food intolerance, consumption of your problem item can cause headaches to occur as long as 72 hours after eating the food making it incredibly challenging to make the connection unless you take an intolerance test. We have a range of intolerance tests to suit all budgets.