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Allergy (IgE), intolerance (IgG4) & sensitivity tests

Blood Sample Tests 

The most up-to-date intolerance test

Global Testing Lab is excited to offer the most accurate allergy and intolerance tests to date, currently available with our new range of finger-prick blood spot tests.

These home-to-lab kits are easy to use and give you a report on your allergies and intolerances using ELISA lab technology. Take a test, change your diet, and feel great.

Understand more about your allergy and intolerance trigger items with our 35 item Allergy test, 70 item Allergy and  Intolerance tests or our most comprehensive 110 item Allergy and Intolerance tests.


  • Your easy to use testing kit posted directly to your door
  • Fast and simple to use pin-prick sample
  • Detailed results report emailed to you within 7 working days
  • Full instructions included


  • UK Labs certified to ISO 9001
  • Fast alternative to NHS
  • IgG4 and IgE antibody testing available
  • CE marked in-vitro testing system

Hair Sample Tests 

Fast and fuss-free intolerance tests

Our original and fastest intolerance test uses a few hairs to provide results on up to 725 food and non-food items.

This easy-to-understand and simple to perform test uses the latest biotechnology to provide you with your results within in 7-10 working days of us receiving your sample at our labs.

Items tested include Wheat, Pollens, Dairy, Meats, Fruits, and Vegetables. PLUS each test includes environmental triggers, additives and nutritional elements.


  • A downloadable sample submission form
  • Only a few hairs required from any part of the body
  • Traffic light reports detailing intolerances over 85%


  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facility
  • Good Laboratory Practice
  • Class 11 Medical Devices

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