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Allergy & Intolerance Testing

How our intolerance and allergy testing works

At Global Testing Lab, our expert lab technicians work around the clock to ensure that you have the best experience possible. We treat each sample safely and follow an exemplary process to ensure your sample is treated with care.

The intolerance and allergy testing process starts with you selecting from a range of hair (bioresonance) and blood sample tests. Take a look around our range of tests to find out which test you think may be the right one for you.

Blood Sample Tests

Our blood allergy and/or intolerance tests are a simple finger-prick test kit. This test allows our expert lab technicians to analyse which items you have a potential intolerance/allergy to, plus, this is our most accurate test!

Upon purchasing your order, you will receive a blood testing kit through the post which includes everything you need to take your sample including full instructions.

Once we receive your sample at our blood testing laboratory in the UK, we let you know that it has been received and start the testing process.

Hair Sample Tests

At Global Testing Lab we provide some of the highest quality non-IgE mediated scientific tests anywhere in the world, all of which are available to purchase in a fast and secure method through our websites,

By offering bioresonance hair testing to our customers, we are able to supply individuals with both smart and efficient intolerance results on up to 725 items.

Our reports help you to identify dietary and environmental changes in your life which you will need to make using a non-invasive test.

ELISA – The Testing Process

On receipt of your blood spot samples in our labs, our expert technicians extract the plasma from the blood using a centrifuge. Our ISO 9001 certified lab is kept at constant room temperature to ensure your sample is not affected. You will receive your intolerance/ allergy testing results 7-14 working days after we receive your sample.

Once the intolerance/allergy testing process has been completed, our team ensures that the testing procedure has been performed to the required standards. Importantly, we will not release any data that does not meet our criteria after a thorough quality control process.

The reactions highlighted on your results are then used to provide a data curve, meaning we are able to grade all other reactions that are present. This gives each customer their scores against specific antibodies. Our lab technicians then check the results and look for any anomalies, whilst also checking the testing equipment.

All of our team are expertly trained to identify any potential issues with any of the testing equipment or procedure. It is of utmost importance to us that we provide accurate results and will always side with caution if we believe that the results may not be complete. You will receive your allergy and/or intolerance results via email within 7-10 days of being received in the labs.

Bioresonance – The Testing Process

Over the last few years, Bioresonance technology has been improving at a significant rate. All we need from our customers are just a few strands of your hair for optimal analysis. We can discover whether or not you will have any intolerance reactions, and therefore whether or not you need to avoid that intolerance or allergy items.

Our test results provide customers with a comprehensive and detailed overview of the potential items which you may have an intolerance to. If you recognise the items on your list as a major part of your diet, then this may explain why you are experiencing certain reactions.

At Global Testing Lab, we use state-of-the-art equipment known as the MARS III (Multiple Analytical Resonance systems). Our equipment is certified and listed as a medical scanning device class 11a. It is important to note that other medical equipment in the Class 11 level includes ultrasound equipment and X-Ray machines.

If you have been suffering from intolerance symptoms that remain undiagnosed then a Global Testing Lab hair sample intolerance test will be able to help you identify trigger items and assist with the elimination of these from your diet or daily life. Tests include food items, non-food items, nutrition and metals in one comprehensive report.

Understand Your Allergies & Intolerances Fast!