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Exclusive Allergy and Sensitivity Tests Available

Hair Sample Tests 

Fast and fuss-free sensitivity tests

Our original and fastest sensitivity test uses a few hairs to provide results on up to 800 food and non-food items.

This easy to understand and perform test uses the latest biotechnology to provide you results in 7-10 working days of receipt at our labs.

Items tested include Wheat, Pollens, Dairy, Meats, Fruits, and Vegetables. PLUS, our allergy and sensitivity tests, include environmental triggers, additives, and nutritional elements.


  • A downloadable sample submission form
  • Only a few hairs required from any part of the body
  • Traffic light reports detailing sensitivities over 85%


  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facility
  • Good Laboratory Practice
  • Over 10 years of testing

Blood Sample Tests 

The most up-to-date allergy and sensitivity tests

Global Testing Labs are excited to offer the most accurate sensitivity tests to date, currently available with our new range of finger-prick blood spot tests.

These home-to-lab kits are easy to use and give you a report on your allergies and sensitivities using ELISA lab technology. Take a test, change your diet, feel great.

Understand more about your allergy and sensitivity trigger items with our 35 item Allergy test, 70-item Allergy & Sensitivity tests, or our most comprehensive 110-item Allergy & Sensitivity tests.


  • Your easy to use testing kit posted directly to your door
  • Fast and simple to use pin-prick sample
  • Detailed results report emailed to you within 7 working days
  • Full instructions included


  • Facilities certified to ISO 9001
  • Fast alternative to doctors
  • IgG4 and IgE antibody testing available
  • CE marked in-vitro testing system

Discover the best allergy and sensitivity tests for you!

Discover hair testing

Discover blood testing